Oil Containment Boom Reel

Custom-built boom reels are an ideal way to stow oil containment boom for quick and easy deployment and retrieval with limited personnel. Reels are available either skid-mounted or skid-on-utility-trailer. Skid-mounted is for permanent installations or where other means of transportation are available. The skid-on-utility-trailer reel is more versatile and may be transported with a 1/2-ton pick up truck to cover a broader area. At the spill site, the boom may be deployed directly from the trailer. Alternately, the skid can be off-loaded to a boat or barge for deployment.


Features & Benefits

  • Constructed from epoxy-coated all-welded steel or all-aluminum construction for corrosion resistance
  • Electric-hydraulic, standard or explosion-proof
  • Diesel-hydraulic operated, cart or skid mounted
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Manual operation with brake for smaller units
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